What is Dry Eye?

Our eyes need tears to stay healthy and comfortable. If your eyes do not produce enough tears or do not make the right kind of tears or "tear film", it is called dry eye.  

With each blink, a film of tears distributes over the surface of the eye, keeping that surface smooth and clear. The tear film has three components: oil, water, and mucin. A decrease in any of these layers can result in blurry vision and discomfort or other symptoms of dry eye.  

Stinging or burning
Blurred vision
Scratchy or gritty feeling
Strings of mucus in or around eyes
Red or irritated eyes
Decreased comfort with contact lens wear
Tearing (called reaction tearing)

Symptoms of Dry Eye:

Result of aging
Some auto-immune diseases or syndromes
Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid margin)
Entropion (eyelid turning in)
Ectropion (eyelid turning out)
Dry, windy or smoke/dust filled environments
Excessive screen time
Contact lens use or over-use
Possible side effect of Lasik or refractive surgery
Medicines including, but not limited to: diuretics (water pills), beta-blockers, anti-histamines or allergy, sleeping pills, anxiety/depression medications, heartburn medications

Causes of Dry Eye:

At The Eye Shop, we have created The Dry Eye Institute of Arizona to better diagnose and treat this chronic and pervasive disease. Our skilled doctors can evaluate, find the kind of dry eye and suggest the most appropriate and effective treatment for your specific case of dry eye.  

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